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Equine Chakras and Crystals

Barn Managers, Rescue Volunteers, Pet Owners, Riders, Reiki Practitioners, Bodyworkers
Open to anyone who loves animals!

Level I
Join us for a day of learning about the seven major animal chakras, their location, color, functions, balances/imbalances and how you can influence them. We will also discuss seven crystals or gemstones that may be used to enhance the function of each chakra as well as an introduction to pendulum use and muscle testing.
Materials included: Seven stone chakra set, chakra chart and pendulum.

The morning will be discussion and instruction and the afternoon will be hands on to apply the skills you will be learning!

Level II
Learn how to make your own crystal essence for you and/or your animal. 
Materials included: 2-1 oz spray bottles, labels, stones, essential oils.

Level III
Learn about seven additional healing stones and how to crystal grid your animals, your property and yourself.
Materials included: Crystal grid with stones and chakra chart.
You may bring a picture or your animal.

Materials will be provided at class
Please bring a lunch/snacks
Address will be provided upon registration
A 3% fee will apply to paypal payments.

Classes do not have to be taken in order although it is suggested that Level I be taken to have a solid understanding of the chakra system as well as the vibrational energies of light, crystals and gemstones.

Kansas Levels II & III have been postponed until 2018.

Zuma's Equine Chakras and Crystals December 1
Includes seven basic chakra stones, animal chakra chart and a pendulum. (Level I)
Price: $155.00
VOLUNTEERS Equine Chakras and Crystals (Any Rescue) December 1
Includes seven basic chakra stones, animal chakra chart and a pendulum. (Level I)
Price: $110.00
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