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You are favorite instructor ever Miss Dee. We love you! -Bailey and Kennedee

Beautiful evening at the barn with a great friend and her sweet horses. Thank you for taking the time to share your passion. You have inspired us!- Autumn

I really do LOVE the Sage Spray! It is my favorite gift to give and I keep a bottle in my house and grooming bag. It's so calming; just the perfect mix of oils and the quartz is a unique touch.-Rachel

I like the Healing Spray more. But both are good.-Susan

I love both of these sprays! So do the horses! Using them daily.-Patti

It is very nice! The horses love it and so do we.-Tessa

I second that, love to use it on horses, my dogs, and myself. Won't be caught without them. Thanks, Dendria, for making them.-Helga

LOVE your healing spray! Been using it ever since I picked it up yesterday - it ROCKS!-Jane

Love Love Love the Sage Spray! It has helped me tremendously. Not only does it smell amazing and fresh but it actually helps with my anxiety. I keep a bottle in my purse so I can spray into the air in my work space and in my car. As a hairstylist I have a lot of different energies coming in and out of the salon and I love to spray it in between clients. Of course it helps me feel better doing so and it doesn't hurt :). Great stuff and I recommend it to anyone!-Carmen

The Healing Spray calms seasonal allergies for my Lab's ears, paws and body itching. Following his TPLO leg surgery multiple daily applications accelerated surgical site healing with no proud flesh. A neighbor reorders when his bottle is half used to always have available as an effective preventative to keep his very senior dog from scratching itchy growths and eyes. My daughters keep a bottle for treating any irritants or sores on their Lab and German Shepherd. We all use this for personal use as well.The Sage Spray our dogs have to share with us as well. Sage Spray gives an immediate calming. When taking my Lab in for Vet post-op or wellness checks, two sprays over him quiet his anxiety and gives a collected serenity in the K9 exam room. I always have both sprays on hand, keeping a pair in my kitchen and car for immediate use.-Helen

I am a TTouch practitioner and I use your sprays constantly on the horses and their guardians. They are wonderful products! Smelling is believing!-Cece

At the airport surrounded by people and SO grateful to have your Sage spray on me!-Julie

I fired a toxic employee today and used your Sage spray to cleanse the office and the rest of the staff. You could actually feel the bad juju disappear. I am a believer! JV

Your line of HH sprays are a part of my Equine and Canine Visionary Craniosacral Program. I take them to every class all over the country. Love love them! Tracy

I love carrying HH sprays at Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure and Massage (RMSAAM) They are a great enhancement to our massage and acupressure programs. Jenny

You have the healing hands of an angel! Thank you! Margaret

Your chakra sessions are as good as a massage! The are like a spiritual body massage!-Anne

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