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The Enlightened Equestrian 

If interested in hosting at your facility, please email

An Exploration Through The Energy Centers of Horse and Human

In this 2 day course we will discuss location, color, vibration, frequency,

attributes and balancing techniques of both horse and human. 

You will be able to identify, interact and influence these beautiful power centers

to enlighten the journey with your equine companions as well

as maintaining an optimal level of health for you both.



Day 1


We will discuss energy, color, vibration, frequency and resonance of the human energy centers and how this affects you and your equine partner and the relationship within.

Handouts are included.

Day 2

We will discuss equine energy center locations, energy cusps, resonance and attributes.  

We will bring the horse and human energy centers together in experiential exercises so you may enhance your intuition and discover how you can improve your communication and partnership with your horse.


The combination of both classes will enlighten you to your state of being in the present and how with continued patience, practice and preparation, you can take this new found sense of self to your horse.




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